Jesurum has developed an important division dedicated to product customisation mainly designed for architects, interior designers, decorators and stylists. The company works with professionals representing the customer and interior designers to create unique articles produced in a limited edition exclusively for the customer. This initiative was added to the services offered by Jesurum to meet the needs of a market that desires customisation but only through the well-established know-how of an experienced and reliable company. There are no limits to product customisation, which can range from embroidery through to the most complex variations and may involve the entire collection of linen for exclusive chateaux or private collections for yachts or aircraft.

For Jesurum customisation means both creating motifs designed specifically for the customer from scratch and reinterpreting a set of linen to meet existing furnishing needs: good synergy between the company and the customer is essential for this activity. Jesurum’s products become a tool that can be used to coordinate textiles with spaces that already have their own character and need to be enhanced with textiles and fabrics that reflect the same characteristics and can therefore be introduced into the context with the same distinctive traits.

Customisation is the real beating heart of the company, which has always been devoted to manufacturing “made to measure” and “exclusive” products: Jesurum’s custom made programme has an extensive field of application and can be applied to any of the products that can be made for all of the fields in which the company operates: the common denominator is always the undisputed final quality and perfect technical execution of product ranges with inspiration and themes that bring to life and distinguish the spaces in which Jesurum’s products are used.


Object Inspiration

The first step toward the production of our Bespoke creations begins with translating the client’s inspiration source into a unique design. The source of inspiration is often an image, a personal item or a household object, such as the intricate border of a porcelain plate.


Hand drawing

Once the custom theme is determined, our designers will develop a selection of sample embroideries, displaying the best interpretations of the original idea.


Digital drawing

Upon approval of the final embroidery design, a digital version of the style is created.


Technical drawing

A technical drawing of the embroidery follows its digital design, illustrating the actual size of the custom theme on the item it was created for. This phase allows the client to visualize the final outcome.


Product samples

The production of the selected embroidery and fabric sample is an instrumental step in securing the client’s final approval.


Final production

Following the approval of the fabric sample, the personalized creation is masterfully crafted and enclosed in our exclusive packaging, ready to be delivered to the client.