Our history


In 1870 Michelangelo Jesurum first opened a lace-making workshop in the ancient Church of Sant’Apollonia in Venice.  Thanks to its success in reviving this great heritage of art and skill, Jesurum rapidly achieved International recognition and its collections won a market at the very highest levels.



Other workshops were later opened and the need to train qualified personnel developed resulting in the creation of specialised schools in Burano, Pellestrina and Chioggia, which provided work for almost 3.000 lace workers, the wives and daughters of fishermen who worked from home.


Michelangelo Jesurum created the first polychrome lace, a true innovation of its time, made with threads of various colours, which was so successful it won the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.


Jesurum quickly gained international recognition with its collections placed at the top end of the market and in 1929 also won the highly regarded Gran Premio at the International Exhibition in Barcelona. Its lace and embroidery enhanced the trousseaux of the ladies of the European aristocracy and the Venetian company became the official supplier for the Italian royal family.


Jesurum has been and continues to be an exclusive brand, managed over the years by families who have worked with dedication and spirit of innovation. The core business is still the same over the years, maintaining the mission set by Michelangelo Jesurum himself: to produce and distribute undisputed quality for the most prestigious customers.

Jesurum uses raw materials declared completely harmless by the international leading certificate OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to assure safety health standards to our costumer and our environment.

Jesurum is now a point of reference in the international market for exclusive household linen for residences, yachts and private jets. For over 140 years Jesurum has been treasuring the refined spirit of the Venetian culture and its tradition, evolving over the years with antique and modern laces, contemporary embroideries and designs, always guaranteeing its elegance and unicity.
Environmentally aware, Jesurum uses natural fibres, such as linen and cotton which guarantee high quality raw materials, enhance the hand crafted execution of the products and bear witness to the years of experience and extensive knowledge of fabrics and yarns.
Jesurum’s collections are manufactured entirely and exclusively in Italy.